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09 February 2560 / 10.20 น.

The Deputy Director-General of CDD congress and encourage people who came for competitive examination

Mr. Atthanit Sumpantarut The Deputy Director-General, Department of Community Development. Chairman conducted the competition to appoint a person to serve as a civil servant in the position of Community Development Specialist. Meet and encourage the candidates competing for the position measurement of the interview. On 9- 10 January, 2559 402, Wayupak meeting room, 4th Floor [...]

09 February 2560 / 10.05 น.

CDD. Health Care Department. Campaign performance development body.

Community Development Department. Health care Department. Campaign performance development body On December 13 59 at 11:00 am. Director of Community Development Department Deputy Director-General appointed Mr. Pho Son North Community Development Department, presided over the inauguration of a project to improve the lives of personnel. Community Development Department 2560 model year. Mr. Wichai he was [...]

09 February 2560 / 09.55 น.

CDD. To complete their dream of community development and education.

Community Development Department. To complete their dream of community development and education. Mr. Apichart  Tohdilok Director of Community Development Department. Attended the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Agreement on Technical Cooperation Project vigorous civil state based on the development of education and leadership development (Connext ED) between Thailand Beverage PLC (PLC) and higher education institutions. With a [...]

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